Movies that Inspire: Guest Post by Richard H. Hardy


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200Great movies can linger in your memory for years and years. For me it was Forbidden Planet, a big budget science fiction movie made in 1956. It featured an intelligent robot, interstellar travel, and advanced alien cultures with amazing technologies.

As a young boy, I found the final scenes in the movie particularly riveting. The heroes of the movie shoot through a vast underground cavern just teeming with alien artifacts. When I saw the movie again recently, I was surprised by how primitive the special effects were. My imagination over the years had re-worked the primitive underground backdrop into a vast arcade of strange, otherworldly machines.

My re- imagined conception, not the real scenes in the movie, found their way into The Infinity Program.

Another scene from Forbidden Planet that I found captivating was the alien console that could boost a person’s intelligence. One of the crew members of the spaceship who has a genius level IQ is hooked up to the console. The machine rates him as feeble-minded. At the end of the movie the same crew member uses the machine to boost his intelligence to an incredible level. This scene also stuck in my mind and found its way into The Infinity Program in a very much altered way when an alien Quantum Computer boosts Harry Sale’s intelligence. Continue reading


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