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Good evening and happy first of December, everyone! Can you believe that it’s already almost a new year? Time sure flies. I’ve decided that since NaBloPoMo is going to be doing a December challenge as well, I am going to go ahead and take it on again. I’ll be putting new posts up every day in December and will definitely try to start getting them up a little earlier in the day! Since it is December and Christmas is just around the corner, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite yuletide movies and songs this month so I hope you’ll enjoy!

Today I got held up by a meeting of the writer’s club I was not expecting to go to. CP has been sick lately and we were both just gonna hang out at home and let him get his rest. Some interesting news that I can’t quite reveal yet because it’s not set in stone ended up getting us to head off to the library. All I can say is send lots of good vibes and hopefully we’ll be able to share some cool news about his book soon.

I found a couple of articles on yahoo I wanted to talk about. The first one says that Taylor Swift is a contender to get the part of Eponine in a movie version of Les Miserables. Not sure how I feel about that as I *love* the song “On My Own” and am not sure about her vocally in the part. To give her credit, I thought she sounded great on her Crossroads episode and a few other appearances. Still, she has been kind of iffy in a lot of performances and I hope that if she gets it, she’ll work her butt off to make sure that she does justice to the material. Here’s a brief clip from the official youtube of Lea Salonga singing the song:

That clip was from the 10th anniversary show. The same actress plays the mother in the 25th anniversary concert and it’s a must see!

I also found this story about Tim McGraw’s legal battle with Curb records. Congrats to Tim on getting out of his contract. I really respect the fact that he’s fighting so hard to get his new music out there more often instead of flooding the market place with more “Greatest Hits” collections.  Any one remember him issuing a public apology over the last one? I’d kind of liked a couple of his songs before but that was what pushed me more towards being a fan of his.

So what do you guys think about all this? Are you all for Taylor playing Eponine? Are you celebrating alongside Tim right now? Comment back and let’s talk about it…